How to Get Inspiration Easily: 7 Simple Tips

How to Get Inspiration Easily: 7 Simple Tips

Inspiration is a funny thing.


She comes at the weirdest moments and goes when we need her the most.


I need inspiration. Be inspired, make innovations and do the work that matters. To change the world for the better. But how come that flash of revelation never comes when I need her?


It drives me crazy!


It’s useless to hope for that selfish girl to do as we want, but it’s also true that we can’t go on without her.


Have you experienced the same?




What if I told you there is a way to summon inspiration, to get inspired whenever and wherever we want?


There must be something that we can do to keep her coming. Gracefully accepting our invitation to do the creative and inspired work we want. And yes, there is a way.


How to Get Inspiration Easily: 7 Simple Tips


1. Break Your Routine; 

Inspiration is the natural enemy of boredom; It seeks novelty. It needs challenges. And routine is a surefire way to kill these desire with plain-old-boredom.

If you need creativity and originality at a task, it’s always a good idea to break your routine and do things differently.

So mix things up! Write with your non-dominant hand. Play a new instrument. Add challenges to your daily life and be amazed by the change and inspiration burst you will get.


2. Go See Green;

Do you remember the “Aha” moment for Einstein? This genius got the best inspiration and ideas when sitting under a tree, relaxing while watching an apple falling down to earth.

Inspiration comes when we’re relaxed. And what relaxation is better than going out with mother nature?

So take a walk. Appreciate the beauty. Take the time to wind down, relax, and forget about work. Isn’t it rude to date someone while thinking about others?


3. Wake Up Earlier;

There’s always a reason why most productive people do their creative works in the morning. Because their mind is still fresh at that time.

Which makes ideas naturally flows to the mind, piercing through the heart. Making it easy for us to notice, grab, and put her into our works.

I know it’s hard to press the snooze button (the Lose button). And I know the bed is so warm and comfy. But don’t let all of that holds you back from your dreams. The best version of yourself. And the person you want to be.

4. Make a Wish;

It’s a trick that I learned from Steve Pavlina. Inspiration can be called at any time, simply by wishing for the inspiration to come.

For example, when I’m writing this article, I said to myself “Show me how to get inspiration, so I can use it for the good of humanity” Then, wait for 30-60 seconds and ideas will start popping in your head.

I usually grab the first idea that comes through. It’s faster to trust your intuition (and usually better) than pondering about the choices.

5. Kill Perfection;


Inspiration is a creative thinking. It’s the polar opposite of scientific/logical thinking in the left brain. Both of them are always clashing at each other.

You can’t be creative if you keep editing about the grammar and perfection of each word that you write. Of course, when you’re so engrossed in the left-brain thinking, inspiration won’t get close to you. And you won’t notice it either anyway.

So, when it’s time to create something, kill perfection. Stop obsessing about the details and just get your idea across. Draw a sketch. Make a mindmap. Write. Sing. Let your inspiration seeps through your soul and expresses it freely to the world.


6. Be Present;

We can never notice inspiration that comes if we’re absent-minded and daydreaming every time. Inspiration will always come, but the problem is, most people don’t notice it.

The only way to notice the sudden burst of creativity is to be present in whatever you do; Breath slowly. Feel the wind. Listen to the melody. Use the 5 senses to take you back to reality.

Then, and only then will you notice the whisper of inspiration.


7. Write it Down;

Inspiration dies. Especially when we go through life without putting your ideas to action. The only way to save this damsel in distress is to write it down; Smartphone, Notes, Blogs, etc..

Sure, you can speak and record your ideas instead. But in my experience, it’s always easier (and more organized) to find the ideas if you write it down.

So feel free to use what works for you. Speaking, writing, teaching, etc.. Just make sure to not let her die.


So there you go. How to Get Inspiration Easily: 7 Simple Tips. What’s your opinion? Do you have other tips on how to get inspiration? Feel free to comment below.

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