Inner Critic : How to Stop Being Afraid of Failure

Inner Critic : How to Stop Being Afraid of Failure

“All good writing begins with terrible first efforts” — Anne Lammot


When it comes to writing, my minds freeze.


Instead of writing freely on the subject, my brain stops out of fear and inner critic.



The inner critic and fear that many of you feel, the one that creeps right into your soul.


The fear of :


Not Good Enough


You could call it “inner critic”, “fear of judgment” or  “self-criticism”.


It’s the same :


The fear of being judged, of producing terrible works and be humiliated by the world.


We imagine the worst case scenario without realizing that it only exists in our head.


And the BIGGEST problem is :


It’s Everywhere


It doesn’t just apply to writing.


Even our work-life balance and lifestyle is being attacked by this inner critic, this paralyzing fear that grab holds of our dreams.


Whether it’s parenting, working, making decisions, everything that you could think of.


But look :


You’re Not Alone


You don’t have to beat yourself for not finishing your work or procrastinate because of this.


Everyone has this problem, the same one as you.


Heck, even I have to click backspace and edit when writing this sentence.


And you know what :


You Can Defeat It

Yes, you read that right.


You really can defeat this nasty-little-pest once and for all.


But how do you do that?


1. Positive Thought


Because this thing is a “thought”, we can silence it, bend it, or replace it all together with another thought.


And the best thing to replace it with is, of course, positive thought.


So :



Instead of thinking “That’s wrong”, “I should edit that” or “I’m not good enough”, start replacing the thought with “I can do this”, “Keep going” and “I’m the best”.


It’s simple, but sometimes the best answer is the simplest one.

2. You Won’t Get Killed


No one’s going to kill you just because you produce bad stuff.


Heck, what’s the worst that can happen?


  • No one will notice your work


So if you keep being afraid to put and show your work out there, you will automatically get the worst result.


Why not risk the chance while you still have it?


3. Make it a Habit


Start creating and producing and make it your habit.


Write 1000 words every day, draw something, start coding, do the things you want to do every-single-day and make it a habit of yours.


Do it so it starts to become automatic to you.


And you’ll notice that the resistance isn’t there, the fear stops budging you.


And that feeling, working on the things you love non-stop without being afraid and held back by anything, is the best feeling in the world.


So :


If you want to be great, make it a habit to be great.


Replace negativity with positivity.


Don’t be so critical and afraid of the imagination in your head, most people are nice and will push you to do better instead of pulling you to fail.


Do what you love, launch your product and don’t be afraid to fail. Because whether you succeed or not, the end will be same :


We Will Die, Whether We Fail or Succeed.


So might as well go out there and succeed, right?



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