How to Live a Happy Life (And How to Live Without Regrets)

Happy life

How to Live an Amazing Life?


How to live without regrets?


To live a succesful Life?


And most importantly :

How To Live a Happy Life?


If you’re like me, you might have asked these questions already.


Not only once, but several times throughout your life.


And that’s normal.


We all want to have these things.


Heck, if anything, this is the only thing we ever want.


And it’s ok for you to desire this things.


Why do I need to say that?


Because :

There are People Who’ve

Been Told to Live

Like the Masses.


People who’ve been brainwashed so much they start suppressing their own desire.


They are told to go to school, enroll university, get a job, and all of these things without ever knowing the reason.


Without ever knowing the “why”.


And doing things without knowing why, is meaningless.


Keep doing this and you’ll start to wonder :

“Is This All There Is to Life?”


To wake, work, eat, sleep and die?


If that’s so, then it’s a pretty shitty life, don’t you think?


But :


What if I tell you there’s another way?


What if I tell you there’s a way to truly have an amazing and happy life?


To live life without regrets?


This is the answer that so many seeks.


The answer to the question “how to live a happy life?”


And that answer is :

Be In The Moment

Yes, to be present in whatever you do in life.


If you’re at work, then put your whole being at work.


Even if you think that work has nothing to do with your passion.


Even if it’s as simple as washing dishes or replying to emails.


Do Things As If You Were

Meant to Do It.


Do things as if it’s your destiny.


Your passion.


And you will see results immediately.


Also :


Do things with purpose.




By :

Living As If Today Is

Your Last. 


Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow.


Because :


Everything is irrelevant in the face of death.


Even the fear that always holds you back from greatness


Fearing death is the single best cure of fear and tons of other negative thoughts.


Pretty ironic, right?


But here’s the thing :

It Helps You Focus on

The Most Important Task.


Even if you’re not the religious type, you’ll more likely to do good deeds and the work that matters when pitted against death.


Focus on the work that helps the life of others.


The things that you want to do no matter what.


And the things you told yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” but never did.


Since tomorrow never comes, today is the only time to do it.


And sometimes :

Tomorrow Will Really

Not Come.


So might as well do it now, right?


Also :


Stop adding works on your to-do list and start doing.


Do whatever it is you want to do.


Start from the top, start with your biggest priority.


So :


Go and fix that broken relationship with your spouse, family, and friends!


Start the business of your dreams!


Pick that guitar and go berserk!


Make a rampage and shake the world!


And finally :


Live Life to The Fullest


Live life without regrets.


Do everything you wanted to do.


Make sure you’re satisfied with how you left things in life.


And then :


Sleep with a satisfied smile at the end of the day.


Knowing that you did your best.


Knowing that you have no regrets.


And if you do wake up the next day :

Be Grateful


Be grateful that you’ve been given the chance to live a little more.


And :


Do your best today too.


Make it more awesome that the day before.


Keep doing this and you will live a happy life.


So the next time you want to live an amazing life, or ask how to live a happy life.


Just remember :


Live like today is your last.


Because this :


Is How to Live a Happy Life


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