Love and Compassion : Second Step To World Domination

Love and Compassion


Have you ever wanted to change the world?


Do you want to make the world a better place?


That’s great!


Having compassion to strive and change the world for the better is one of the best things you could do.


It’s worth pursuing and spending all the time we have on it.


And it’s definitely worth to put our heart, soul and whole being on the line.


Just remember :

Don’t Let This Dream Be Dream.



We already covered the first step to do this.


And today we’re going to cover the second piece of the puzzle.


The second step to change the world.


And it’s :


How to Change Other People.


If you can change other people, then changing the world or even taking over the world will be a piece of cake.


But how do you change people?


The best way to do this is :


To spread your idea, your mission and your truth with Love and Compassion. 


Yes, do it with love and compassion.


And do it not only to the people you love but also to strangers.




And most important :


To yourself.




Because :


The only thing that can change a person is the person itself.


But everything began from the Heart.


And if you spread ideas, if you keep teaching and preaching your truth :


It will reach their heart.


Whether they accept your truth or not is up to them.


But here’s the thing :

Humans Are Emotional Creatures.


We’d like to think we make decisions and act on ideas based on logical thinking.


But no.


Most of the time, we do things based on impulses and emotions.


And so :


If you combine powerful idea and spread it in ways that not only touch the heart but also resonate :


Society will change.


The world will change.


And the only way to do this, to truly change the world, is to :

Spread The Truth with

Love and Compassion.


Then and only then will the world change.


This is truly the hardest thing to do.


And at the same time, this is the most natural thing to be done.


So :


Spread your wing!


Let your ideas fly and pierce through the darkness.


Keep preaching to others AND to yourself.


So that you will always remember this hot-burning-passion.


And to :

Practice What You Preach


Be the actual representation of your idea!


Be the change you want to see in the world!


Show them, show everyone the huge impact of your truth!


And finally :


Let The World Change With You


When you’re in doubt.


Or don’t know what to do.


Just listen to your heart and follow the light.


Because :

No matter how dark the path may be, that light will always envelop and protect you, piercing through even the bleakest of the dark.

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