Overday Method: How to Change Your Life Overnight

Overday Method - How to Change Your Life Overnight

Change is hard.


Really hard.


I’ve spent hundreds and thousands of hours to read about “how to change my life” and “overnight change“, attended seminars and jumped into the void, only to be brought back to the surface.


It’s so ridiculous I almost gave up.


Until I found the Overday Method. A pattern that I noticed in my own life about how change really works. The secret sauce which I think is the best way to change your life overnight.


And today, I’m going to share that secret with you…


…But first, let’s get some background:


How Overday Method Came to Be


I used to complain about life.


Heck, I complain about everything in life! Of how I’m not good enough, not smart enough, don’t have enough money, how noisy my parents are, and how much I hate the world. I thought I was “the saddest person in the world”.


In short:


I Was a Jerk


But one day, when I was talking to my friends. One of them casually made a remark that piqued my interest:


“Wow, dude! This is the first time I hear you complain!”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Well,” He said. “I’ve known you since 7th grade. And all those years, I’ve never heard you complain about anything. Ever.”


At that time, lightning strikes and leave me standing there, baffled like an idiot. How could this be?


I mean:


That’s impossible, right?


It’s more than 5 years ago! How come I didn’t notice my own change up until now?


But when I ask my friends from middle school, they all agree on one thing:


I Never Complained


This, of course, made me think:


“What is it that made me able to change my core, my identity, so much that even I didn’t notice it myself?”


To find the answer, I travel back in time…


…And the answer I found is mind-blowing:


It Happened Overday


I changed from being a jerk to a person of gratitude all in the span of one day (Yes, overnight change does exist). But that’s not all, I went even further and changed everything about myself:


Character, way of thinking, strengths, and weaknesses all in such a short period of time.


If this is not mind-blowing, then I don’t know what is…


…That’s why I named the technique “Overday Method” (I love silly names!)


And here’s the thing:


Anyone can use it.


It’s just that simple and easy to use.


The method itself consists of 3 rules that constitute our life:

  1. The Soul;
  2. The Self; and
  3. The Mind


The world’s rules about how change really works…


…And how to bend these rules for your own benefits.


So let’s get right to it:


1. The Soul


I had always thought about changing myself, even as a kid (Superman!).

I had motivation, strong purpose, and the will to change myself for the better. I had everything I need. So I thought it’ll be easy…


…But It’s not.


I did change for a week or so, but then I was back to how things were one week before. As if the change I had desperately achieved was never there, to begin with.


And I realized the BIG mistake I made:

Overday Method - Motivarion


I shouldn’t change just because I want to change, at least not for myself. So, I look for something else instead. Something to attach my purpose and “reason to change” to.


Something BIGGER Than Myself.


One that is long-lasting and will still be there even after I die. And as far as I know, there are two things that fit perfectly to this criteria:


“A God” and “The Good of Humanity”


And guess what?


I Picked Both.


Let me explain:


If you attach the purpose to money, the moment you get rich, your purpose will be lost.

If you attach the purpose to yourself, the moment you die, everything will be lost.


But if you attach it to something bigger than yourself: A legacy, a change that you want to see in the world, or a god. Then your will shall never shatter, purpose will never be lost, and motivation to change will always be there to drives you for the better…


…And the best thing is: The change will still be there, even after you die. The effect will continue for years and generations to come.


All of that happened simply by changing our “purpose to change” for the good of humanity, for the sake of god, and to change the world for the better. Or should I say:


“For the Greater Good of All”


There are many things you can attach your purpose to. Just make sure it’s long-lasting and bigger than yourself: A legacy, erasing Malaria, World Peace, or building a company that shapes the lives of millions and zillions of people around the world! Anything! As long as it burns the hot-red-passion inside of you, the engine that moves the soul, and the power to change the world!


The point is:

Overday Method - Greater Good of All


Don’t wait for change to come, don’t wait for the world to do your bidding. Because it’ll never come. The world will never give you the perfect situation to change. Heck, if anything, he will always go against you. He’s just an ass, alright. So use the soul instead.





Overday Method - The Soul


So if you can give it the purpose it needs, the meaning it craves, then that hunger will help you to break through all and every single obstacle that’s blocking your path. Heck, let alone change yourself, you can even change the world with it!


Let’s move on:


2. The Self


You could say 7th-grade was the darkest time in my life. So much happened around that time, but for the sake of this article, let’s limit it to these three:

  • I lose my friends and loved ones;
  • Get bullied a lot; and
  • Grows deep-profound-hatred between me and my parents;


I was overwhelmed with grief and the world wouldn’t even let me have some peace at home, let alone outside. You could say I was constantly looking for comfort, and a way to cope with reality…


…But there’s nothing.


No one to talk to, nothing to lean to, and all of a sudden:


I broke.

Identity Crisis (1)


I broke down in tears and cry the whole time. Day-in, and day-out. Whenever no one is there, I would fall down and cry. Until the grief and madness inside my heart will just disappear. Until there’s nothing left inside my heart. Not even myself…


…But one day, something unique happened:


I stopped crying.


But why? I didn’t understand. I still get bullied, my parents are harsher than ever, and the pain in my chest could explode at any time like a bomb. So why?


I looked outside and never found the answer. So I looked inside…


…And I found it. Or rather, I noticed something different about myself:


I started to develop multiple personalities, each with a different set of values and way of thinking to help me cope with the reality around me:


At school, I’m playful and able to laugh at myself, along with the bullies.

At home, I’m cold and never pay attention to my parents, let alone care about the hurtful things that they said.

When I’m alone, I’m always busy with stuff, as if I know that somehow I shouldn’t let my thoughts wander even for a sec.


And the thing is:


It’s Automatic


Sure, at the time, it was no more than a defense mechanism. But the change it brings were planted so deep inside my heart it starts to change my core identity completely. And what makes me even more surprised is, how easy it is to change from 1 “Persona” to another. How? By using:


The Trigger of Change.


Let’s take an example:


When I’m at school, it triggers the playful persona, altering the self and how I perceive everything as a joke. But when I’m home, the trigger changes to that for the cold persona, killing the playful person I was just minutes ago.


Notice the triggers there? It’s the one with underline in case you missed it.


The point is:


Just by doing the “trigger”, I changed immediately from 1 self to another. Which means, I can be playful, cold, productive or anything I want in an instant.


But the triggers I had are troublesome because I need to be at a certain place for the change to happen. So I look for something else instead, something that doesn’t have to be a “Place” or restrained by “Time”. Triggers that can be done wherever and whenever I want.


And guess what?


I found it


Unlike my original triggers, this trigger isn’t bound by time and place. Which means you and I can use and apply it immediately in our own lives. And that trigger is:




Bushra from The Persuasion Revolution explains it better than me:

The Persuasive Revolution - WORDS


And the best thing is:


Words evoke emotion.


And persona is just a set of emotion that creates the self. So by associating each persona to one word, I can call that persona whenever I want, simply by saying the word (or mantra). But enough with the concept, let’s look at-


How to Use This In Your Life:


This is done by recalling all memories and strong emotions that are associated with the persona. For example:


If I want to make a “Passionate” persona, I will remember everything about how it feels to be in the zone: Bold, brave, daring, upbeat, hopeful, keen, eager, earnest, dynamic, genuine, fulfilled. How hot my heart feels, how clear my mind is, and how the world just seems to disappear around me. I can hear the pen, smell the ink, and feel the heat emanating from me, dancing with the words, flowing from my hands.


Then, I hit “Save” and seal the deal with the word:




I keep saying the word, making a gesture and associates them with the feeling. Until all of them are planted deep inside my heart, subconsciously. And now, whenever I say “release”, the magic instantly happens.


The stronger the connection, memories, and emotions you felt, the longer it will last. The first time I made this “Passionate” persona I was in 11th grade (2015). But the persona itself and the changes that it brings still persists even to this day…


…So evoke the emotion. Recall how it felt to be “Playful”, “Loving”, and any persona you want to make. Then, when everything is set, seal the deal with a single word. Heck, you can even add a gesture like I did (to help your body remember the feeling). In case you’re wondering what kind of gesture you should do, here’s mine:


Triggers of Change shuni-mudra

(Image credits to Claire Austen)


Yes, any sign will work. But when you have 10 fingers, it’s a waste to not use them, isn’t it? 😉


Quick tips:


The first time you create a persona, make sure to repeat this exercise several times throughout the day. I personally do it 5 times, 1 minute each (5.00 am, 9.00 am, 12 noon, 15.00 pm, 18.00 pm). This is to make sure that it’s automatic and planted inside your subconscious.


So there you go, the 2nd rule from the Overday Method.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the 3rd proven rule to instantly change yourself:


3. The Mind


If you’re really smart, then you might notice there are two BIG problems with rule number 2:


  1. You need to have life’s experience: 


I mean:


Overday Method - Love

(Don’t worry, life will teach you about these things in time);


and the second one is:


You Don’t Have a “Self”


This is fine by me, because I personally think the self doesn’t exist. And even if it does, it still doesn’t matter. As long as I can keep moving forward and achieve my purpose (the soul), I’ll create as many selves as I need…


…But some people will start to have “Identity Crisis” if they can just change instantly from one person to another, without having a sense-of-self first. Especially if there are multiple personas that conflict with each other inside them (Lover & Hater, Hope & Despair, you name it).


Identity Crisis (google)



(To see if you have this problem, see Identity Crisis by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, ph.d. )


That’s why we need to develop our sense-of-self before we self-destruct and get overwhelmed by the hundreds of personas that lives not-so-peacefully inside us…


…And yes, this time, we’re going to do a covert mission and secretly hacks the mind. (Don’t tell him!)


Ok, let’s go!


Envelope of Time


I divide my days into 2 big chunks of time:

  • When I’m at home; and
  • When I’m at work.

Yours might be Weekend and Weekdays, Travel or Hustle, but it’s essentially the same:


There are times when we’re busy, and there are times when we relax.


And how we spend those times are ALWAYS similar.


For example:


When I’m at home, how I spend my time today will be similar to how I spent it yesterday, tomorrow, last year and even 10 years to come.

The same thing happens when I’m at work. How I spend today will be similar to the future and the past.


There are certain patterns, routines, and habits that I follow. So much that it starts to look like they’re enveloping my whole time (Hence the name). And there’s always something that we can improve in each of this frame.


Then I realized:

If I Can Change One Day, My Whole Life Will Change.


And that’s exactly what I did:


In order to cope with reality and the grief that he felt, my 7th-grade-self picked a diary and starts to write his heart out, right before sleep.


And the genius of this boy is:

He only writes the things he’s grateful for.


At first, it was just a line. Then a paragraph. A page. And a chapter. The plan was to write for a day. Just for a day. But he kept doing it for months. And by the end of the year, the book was already filled to the brim with gratitude…


…A book of gratitude, written by the “saddest person in the world”. (I wonder if it’ll make a best-seller…?)




Remember the first story I told? Here’s how I changed my identity, my thoughts, and my “sense of self” from a complainer to a person of gratitude. At the time, I didn’t think much about it. I just did it to keep my sanity, of course I want to change, but I didn’t believe this simple act could change my life to such an extreme.


And dang, how wrong I am!


Had I noticed sooner, I would be able to make changes in many areas of my life.


People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz


It’s hard to change for a year, let alone a lifetime. So don’t commit yourself to a lifelong change. Just be in the moment and change your life for today. Only for today. Just one day! It’s so simple and easy to do that it’s a no-brainer, right? 😉


And here’s the thing:

ovtm If you can change one day you can change your whole life

This is the secret mind hacks that I’m talking about. (Whew, Thankfully the mind didn’t notice).


So to develop your sense of self, you can do the same and write your hearts out. Don’t hold back and write everything you feel (or want to feel) about the world and reality around you. Then, the mind will appear, the self will be here, the world will steer clear, from the change you hold dear…


Let’s wrap it up then:



Overnight change might not exist. But Overday Method certainly does.

The method itself consists of 3 things:

  1. The Soul; Do it for the greater good of all!
  2. The Self; Glowing persona for an instant change!
  3. The Mind; Secret hacks with underhanded and playful method 😉



So what do you think? How to change your life? Do you think we can change overnight? Or…

Don’t be shy and write your answers below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


P.S. I didn’t usually write LONG articles like this (I hope I didn’t bore you). Would you prefer long in-depth articles (like this one) or clear-crisp articles (like this guy)? Any feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you~


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