Recruiting Army : How to Find Your Target Audience



After you know how to change the world.

It’s time to recruit your army.


But how can you find your army?


Or rather:

How to Find Your Target Audience?


This is the crowd, the target audience and true followers that will help you change the world.


They have the same burning desire as you, whether it’s building a business, writing a book, fighting injustice or your weapon of choice to change the world.


And they are the one who will change the world with you.


The thing is :


There’s a lot of them, but they’re scattered.


Hidden among the masses.


And that’s a huge problem, because it’ll be harder for you to find them.


Actually, no.


Because :


It doesn’t matter where they are.


Heck, even if your army, your target audience is on the other side of the world, and two worlds apart from you, they will find you.


If you put yourself out there, if you show your craft and ideas to the world, they will find you.


And to speed things up :


Start Asking Questions


Observe the world, listen to the masses, and start paying attention to the problem your target audience might have.


Each human are unique, but our problem tends to be the same.


So :

Start with your friends.


Start with your family, loved ones, and the people around you.


Listen to their problem, listen to what they have to say.


And notice what left unsaid.


Notice their body language and the feelings behind it.


Find the underlying problem.


And :

Crush It


Crush that problem.


Do everything you can to solve the problem.


Find out how you can help your soon-to-be army and target audience.


See how you can make their life better.


And also :


Help everyone who have the same problem with him, at once.




Just write a book.


Solve the problem.


And share it on the internet.

Share it so the world can see


Share it so it doesn’t only reach one target audience, but a huge crowd of army and true followers.


This is how you spread the word about you, your ideas, and your truth.


This is how to find your crowd and target audience.


Remember :


If you’re a writer, you can write a book about it.


If you’re a musician, devote your next music to him.


The bottom line,


Is this :

Do What You Can, With What You

Have, Where You Are


And by doing this, over and over, you’ll get used to even solve the world’s most difficult problem.


And you’ll have a huge crowd of army and target audience that’ll change the world with you.

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