True Heroes : Unleash The Power Within

True Heroes : Unleash The Power Within


What are true heroes?


Is true heroes the one that has power, like Superman and Flash?



It’s Those Who Unleash The Power Within.


And yes, anyone can unleash the power.


Even you and me.


But how the heck did you do that?


How do you unleash the power within you and become true heroes?


Look :


There are people in society who have disabilities.


These are the blind, the deaf, the armless, the dumb, and the one who has certain sickness and often being made as the object of ridicule.

Our object of ridicule.


Yes, we are equally guilty of this.


Even those who became an activist and helps them.


Those who laugh and made fun of them.


Those who saw this indiscriminate act and do nothing.


And me, who’s writing this article.




Because we think to ourselves that :


We are Better than Them


We see these people as lesser human being, the weird, the misfits, and the abnormal.


On the contrary, we see ourselves as “the normal one”.


Yes, “normal”.


That word alone is enough to make us guilty.


Because :

It Indicates that We Are The Standard


And that they are lesser than us.


Most would say that’s because these people are socially awkward.


–Of course they are.


Because :

They Can’t-Do What “Normal” People Can Do.


Look :


The blind one has to speak really loudly because they want to have a conversation, and they have no clue if anyone is even paying attention to them.


The mute has to use gestures and body language because they have no other way to communicate with us.


The sick needs to seek help constantly, knowing full well she might be a bother to you.


And That’s Fine.


That’s normal.


No need to see them as weird or lesser human being, they are as human as each and every single one of us.


And what if I tell you that :


“It’s The Other Way Around”


That it’s not us who’s better than them.


It’s them who’s better than us.


It’s them who stands WAY above us.


Why did I say that?


Because :


They have the power that no one else has.


There’s no one in the whole world who have the same power that each and every single one of them has.


The mark is different, but the source of all these power is the same :




To be the enemy of the world and survive.


To face zillions of adversities and still thrive.


To fall and get ridiculed, and yet continue to stand firm while holding to the truth.


These are the people who strive and put extra efforts to dash, knowing full well they don’t have legs and will fall along the way.


These are the rebels, the misfits, and the crazy ones.


They are the people of excellence.


They are the true heroes that have unleashed the power within.


The power to :


Change The World


They are trained in hardships, they live in difficulties, and they break through adversities.


They are the one that I look up to.


And they are the models that inspire me to make this site.


A site dedicated to bring forth that same power, the power that sleeps dormant and hidden inside each and every single one of us.

The Power That Sleeps Inside YOU.


So :


For those of you who still think “I’m better than them”.


And those of you who want to unleash the power within and achieve greatness.


Consider what I said and take lessons from them.


Take the grit and hardships to navigate through life.


Stand firm and hold the truth even if it’s hard and you become the enemy of the world.


Continue to rise and break through every single obstacle and adversity that stands in your way.


Because that’s :

How To Be The True Heroes


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