The Truth, Change, and Advice : Secret to a Better World

The Truth, Change, and Advice: Secret to a Better World


Did you know, that we need each other to live?


We are a social creature and we need other people to survive.


And one of those needs is “Advice“.


You see :


Sometimes we made a mistake. And sometimes we didn’t even realize we made a mistake.



And we certainly won’t realize the mistake we made if no one ever tells us about it.


We Need Other People’s Advice


We need their point of view. Their fresh belief of how the world works, of how we are in the wrong and how we can improve ourselves.


And that’s great!


Because :


They made us see something that we’d never see otherwise. They made us see the world differently and they made us see the truth.


Sometimes :


We refuse to acknowledge that we are in the wrong. We refuse to accept the advice they gave. And sometimes, we refuse the truth, knowing full well it’ll be better to accept it.




Because :


Change Is Uncomfortable


Change is hard, uncomfortable, and certainly not something that we can do easily.


It takes serious effort and commitment, especially if you need to throw your ego and acknowledge that you’re in the wrong.


But you know what :


Change Is The Only Way To Go


There is no other path that could lead you to success and achieve your dreams, but change.


Yes, I know it’s hard. I know it’s uncomfortable.


And I certainly know, choosing comfort over change will only lead you to destruction.



So :


Embrace The Truth


Listen to other people, listen to the advice they gave you. Consider what they said, consider whether it’s the truth or not.


And the moment you realize that it’s the truth, embrace it!


Accept the truth!


Embrace the change that it brings!


And :


Never, Ever, Let Go of It.


Don’t let the truth disappear from your life, grasp it, grab it, do whatever it takes to make sure you always align yourself with the truth.


Never lose sight of yourself and forget that you’re here to achieve greatness. To be the best version of yourself. And to be the one who changes the world.

You Are BIGGER Than Yourself


Don’t let ego and pride destroy you. You are bigger than them. Heck, they’re nothing compared to you and your capability of change.


So :


The next time someone gave advice to you, take the truth, embrace it, and keep striving for a better life.


A better destiny.


And certainly :


A Better World



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